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We are very excited to be working on the first papers from the data harvested since Remote Operations started earlier this year. When these have been peer-reviewed by international journal editors, we will include links to them here.

Papers that motivated the Global Jet Watch observatories

In the meantime, here is a selection of papers that we have written that motivated all the work we have done to attain operations status for all the Global Jet Watch observatories.

  • The dynamics and stability of circumbinary orbits
    S Doolin & KM Blundell (2011)
    MNRAS, 418, 2656
  • SS433's accretion disc, wind and jets: before, during and after a major flare
    KM Blundell, L Schmidtobreick & S Trushkin (2011)
    MNRAS, 417, 2401
  • SS433's circumbinary ring and accretion disc viewed through its attenuating disc wind
    S Perez & KM Blundell (2010)
    MNRAS, 408, 2