Operation Solar Farmyard

We have installed a solar farm for GJW-IN. We collect light energy from our nearest star by day, and store this as chemical energy in big batteries to use by night to observe many different stars across our Galaxy.

Earthquake near GJW-CL

On Wednesday 16 September, an 8.4-magnitude earthquake hit Chile. Its epicentre was just over 40 miles away from our observatory there, GJW-CL. We are very thankful nobody at the school was injured.

Meet GJW-WA, our fifth observatory

We are immensely grateful to Derek Benham of New York for his generous gift to the University of Oxford for enabling the fifth Global Jet Watch observatory to be built.

New video finderscopes

Thanks to a Fell Fund grant awarded from the University of Oxford, our observatories are now equipped with "video finder scopes" so we can see the wider field around where the telescope is pointing, in real time.