Deciphering the Dynamic Universe

The Global Jet Watch monitors the night sky with time-lapse spectroscopy to capture the dynamic universe with six robotic observatories around the world to transform our scientific understanding of how the Cosmos works and inspire the next generation of young minds.



Years of Operation


Single Observations


Nights of Robotic Telescope Operation

Transforming Science, Transforming Young Minds

The Night Sky is Dynamic and Ever-changing
Outer space is teeming with violence and dynamic activity: black holes rip matter out of stars, ultra-fast jets squirt out from near black holes, the stars chase one another around elliptical tracks, with each encounter generating seismic consequences, and sometimes, suddenly, stars explode!
Needing to Go Around The Globe
Explosions and interactions in the night sky can play out around the clock, hour-in hour-out. The Global Jet Watch has set up research-grade telescopes separated in longitude so there is always one of them in darkness. The world spins, we watch outer space.
Engaging Young People in Science, Engineering, and Technology
Students at the schools that host our telescopes get to experience authentic astronomy for themselves. This isn’t some simulated experience, this is for real at night: lights off, stars on. They see a research-grade observatory involves tuned technology, enhanced engineering and super science.

The Global Jet Watch is an endeavour producing remarkable astrophysical research and igniting the enthusiasm of young minds in authentic astronomy activities with a telescope.